Buying and Selling Your Property through Adre’s Modern Auction

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Modern Auction: Changing the Property Market for Buyers and Sellers

Modern Auction

• QUICK and FLEXIBLE timescales of 56 days from receipt of draft contract to complete.

• Timescales allow interest from first-time and MORTGAGE BUYERS as well as investors.

• SECURITY of Sale: the Buyer commits to purchase through paying a non- refundable Reservation Fee and signing a Reservation Agreement.

Verses Traditional Auctions

• Typically Suited to Vacant Properties and in particular to properties NOT SUITABLE to Mortgage Lending

• Exchange takes place at the end of the Auction and 28 days to complete

• LIMITS Interest to Cash and Investment Buyers.

Marketing Solutions to consider


Private treaty

Traditional method
Flexible timescales
Less pressure
More time to achieve the best prices
Sales process – 100+ days
Higher fall through (30%)

Modern method of auction

Speed – 56 days of completion
Security – buyer fee
Low fall through (5%)
Commitment to timescales
Less time to achieve the best price
Buyer pays fee

Online Auctions

Selling properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Key benefits to you

Complete Faster

On average, a Private Treaty transaction can take over 100-days to complete, whereas an auction provides fixed exchange and completion dates of between 28 and 56-days* from receipt of the draft contract. This means you can plan your move more easily.

No sale, no fee

There will be nothing to pay if your property doesn’t sell – you only pay an Auction fee on completion. For pricing information please speak to your auction specialist or refer to your auction contract.

Optimised Exposure

An attractive starting bid increases interest and encourages competitive bidding between prospective buyers, which can help to drive up the final selling price of your property

Additional Security

With an auction, buyers pay a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit to secure the property so all the parties can move forward with confidence.
A reservation agreement is also signed by the buyer, committing them to complete the purchase. This means the risk of fallthrough with the auction is less than 5%, unlike private treaty which has an average fall-through rate of 30%

How it works

Estate agency fees to pay

When you choose our modern method of auction, we take no commission from you for the sale of your property.

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