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If you’re looking for a committed local estate agent providing residential sales, rental services, or mortgage advice, Adre Properties is here to help! We are an estate agency in Newport, South Wales, and we have been working within the property industry for many years, providing a professional service and equipped with extensive local knowledge.

Finding an estate agent to sell property or offer a vast range of property services – including rentals, commercial services, or auctions- may seem daunting. Unlike other agents offering property in Newport, Adre Properties is here to help you throughout the whole process to provide excellent service and assistance.

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Newport Is An Excellent Place To Live

When looking at the quality of life for the residents, as well as activities to do in the area, it’s undeniable that Newport is simply an excellent place to live for residents of all ages. No matter the property type you’re looking for, there’s sure to be plenty to do near you, which is a major draw for many people looking to move to Newport permanently and for existing residents to continue to choose an affordable property in the area. Newport has a huge selection of properties to choose from, including:


Ideals for students, singles, and smaller families: flats and apartments are smaller in size than a house – making the upkeep easier and typically costing less for bills.

Detached House: 

If you’re looking for improved comfort and more space within your property, a detached house gives you your personal space and is a much more spacious option.

Semi-Detached House: 

Though these homes offer less privacy, they tend to be more affordable with the added benefit of being closer to neighbours.

house for sale in newport
house to let in Newport

Terraced Homes: 

Terraced homes are cost-effective, larger than they look on the inside, and are very easy to maintain, ideal for singles and families.


Bungalows are a good option for people with mobility issues or those who want a smaller property, as they are only one floor high and don’t have stairs.

At Adre Properties, we have a vast range of housing options available throughout Newport to suit your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our homes for sale and let in the Newport area.

Things To Do In Newport

The place you live should be more than just where you work or send your kids to school; there should be activities in the area that are also suitable for all ages. Newport has just that, with fantastic transport links to take you to further areas for even more! Some of the best activities to do around Newport include:

RSPB Newport Wetlands Reserve

One of the lovely areas of Newport is the 100km2 of wetland along the Severn Estuary that has been slowly reclaimed from the sea by people, leading to the area becoming one of the most critical places in Wales for wildlife. The reserve was created to make up for the loss of the mudflats when the Cardiff Bay barrage was built, and the grasslands and scrub have attracted a large number of wetland birds – including avocets, bitterns, marsh harriers, and peregrines.

Wander Belle Vue Park

Belle Vue Park originally opened in 1894 and expanded in 1924, and today, it resembles a typical Victorian park with a pavilion, bandstand, rockeries, ornamental bridges, and conservatories all contained within 26 stunning acres. In addition, Belle Vue Park contains historic Tea Rooms that are excellent for a spot of breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of day you visit. The cafe is housed within the pavilion building and offers a menu from artisanal bakeries and local suppliers.

Visit the Fourteen Locks Canal

The Fourteen Locks are a remarkable engineering feat, comprising one of the UK’s most complex flights of locks. The site is excellent for learning about the mechanics of canals and locks and Britain’s industrial transportation history. A visitor centre also provides additional information and exhibits related to the canal and the surrounding area. The canal is set in a lush, green landscape, offering plenty of opportunities for photography or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Hike The Usk Valley Route

The Usk Valley Walk is a long-distance footpath that traverses the beautiful landscapes of South Wales. It follows the River Usk, one of the major rivers in Wales, for much of its length. The route is approximately 48 miles long and stretches from Caerleon, near Newport, to the town of Brecon, providing a scenic journey through the Welsh countryside. The route contains scenic beauty, wildlife, a rich history and is accessible to hikers of various skill levels.

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